Hearing Protection. Ear muffs or ear plugs.

Eye Protection. Safety glasses or shooting glasses.

Note Pad & Pen.  Something with which to take notes.

Still have questions? No problem, just:


You Will Need The Following:

A gun (pistol). It does not have to be your own. It MUST be functional, safe, and in good repair. You may borrow one from a friend or you may share with someone in the class if they agree beforehand.

The instructor has a pistol available for RENTAL but you must coordinate prior to class if you wish to rent one of the Instructor's guns. You will need a gun in class.

A box of ammunition. You will need at least forty rounds of the correct caliber for the pistol you will be firing (or renting from the Instructor). Make certain you have the correct ammunition.  You may purchase ammunition at the range.    

If in doubt, e-mail Carl at carlmanning77@yahoo.com.

What to Bring